Meet the Team


We converted only part of the stable block to build the Guest Accommodation we offer today.  There are some important members of the team who also reside at Woodlands Farm and you will meet them when you arrive during check-in. Here is some background information on them.

Charlie Jack – Field Manager

Jack is the original member of the team. He’s a Shetland Pony, standing at nearly 10hh and he will be celebrating his 20th birthday in 2019.  He is a chestnut leopard spotted pony when he is not covered in mud.  He is undoubtedly a Ladies’ Man, so sometimes a bit nervous of men, but he is great with children and anyone with a carrot or polo mint.  He has a partial wall eye (blue eye) which some people believe bring their owners good luck (we’re still waiting).  Unfortunately, he does not get on with Mickey!

Jingle – Grass Minimising Manager (see photo)

Also a Shetland breed but at the other end of the size spectrum, and very hairy!  His  colour is Chestnut and he is the youngest at 10 years old.  We rescued him in April 2016.  He is not good in the mornings, moody and can be a bit nippy if hungry.  Occasionally mistakes fingers for carrots.  Best friends with Bob.

Mickey – Food and Beverage Manager (Equine only)

He is a Welsh Section B breed with a striking white blaze on this face.  He is the old boy at 25 years old this year, full of experience and knows every pony trick in the book.  He likes to whinny to anyone who’ll listen to him.  Mickey is an ex endurance pony and eats like a Shire horse.  Likes jumping, particularly the electric fencing in the field!  Often claims to be hungry but don’t believe him as he’s fed (very) well!  Doesn’t get on with Jack, we are working on the team building!

Bob – Meet and Greeter

On an extended holiday here at Woodlands Farm, Bob is the tallest of the team standing at around 16.2hh.  An ex-racehorse and although he is 19 years, he occasionally acts like a 4 year old.  A typical Thoroughbred, very alert and eyes on stalks.  Very handsome (but he doesn’t know it), he has dabbled with modelling for a well known equestrian brand, who hired our facilities for a photo shoot.  Good natured with a kind heart.  He is stabled next door to Jingle, and he would like us to clarify to everyone that despite being a chestnut horse (like Jingle), Jingle is not his foal!

Please note we do not offer riding lessons, they are a quirky bunch made up of rescue, semi-retired, slightly geriatric equines!  But you are more than welcome to talk to them over the stable door, they are great listeners. There are trekking centres and a riding school close by and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.